Usage of users/{id}/associated


Returns all of a user's associated accounts, given their association_id.

This method returns substantially less data than its 1.0 counterpart, in favor of returning the most relevant information much more quickly.

If you need user accounts ordered or filtered by reputation (or by type), you should continue to rely on the 1.0 method. If you are only looking for site membership, this method is potentially much faster. We guarantee the 1.0 method will remain available for the lifespan of API version 1.1.

This method is new to version 1.1

This method resides on the Stack Auth ( domain.

This method has been used as a test bed for ideas being considered for inclusion in the next full API revision. Accordingly, it diverges somewhat from the standard API result return template.


  • id – a set of up to 10 users' association ids, obtained from some other API method.
    • This is a vectorized parameter, multiple ids can be sent in a single request if delimitted with a semi-colon
    • string
  • page – The pagination offset for the current collection. Affected by the specified pagesize.
    • 32-bit signed integer
  • pagesize – The number of collection results to display during pagination. Should be between 0 and 100 inclusive.
    • 32-bit signed integer

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